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  • Africa (55)
  • Asia (59)
  • Europe (10)
  • North and Central America (86)
  • South America (86)


  • Agriculture, Agri. Services & Processing (62)
  • Financial Services (222)
  • Renewable energy (7)
  • Other (5)
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This overview, which is synced regularly with the latest available data, gives you more information about our current partners. Not all current partners are included. There can be different reasons for this. For example, the partner’s funding may not have been disbursed yet.
Emaitzak (296) Horrialdea 1 -ren 30
  • Bolivia CRECER, Crédito con Educación Rural

    Village banking for self-employed women

    Asociación Crédito con Educación Rural (CRECER) is a microfinance institution providing individual and group loans across Bolivia. Its core ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • Guatemala CADECH, Cooperativa Integral Agrícola Adelante Chanmagua RL

    A fair trade coffee cooperative with a social mission

    The coffee producer cooperative CADECH, Cooperativa Integral Agrícola Adelante Chanmagua RL was founded in 1976 to support small and medium-scale farmers in ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • Egypt Sekem

    Reclaiming desert land for organic, fair trade products

    SEKEM Holding is a sustainable social enterprise, growing, processing and marketing agricultural products according to bio-dynamic (organic+) and fair trade ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • Peru Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Rodríguez de Mendoza

    Financing coffee harvests

    Cooperativa Agraria Rodríguez de Mendoza (Cooparm) is a coffee cooperative of more than 500 small-scale producers. Cooparm focuses on producing high-quality ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • India RGVN (North East) Microfinance Ltd

    Microfinance and training for women’s groups

    RGVN (North East) Microfinance Ltd is a microfinance institution operating in the Northeast India region. This part of the country is one of its least developed ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • Bolivia Banco Fassil SA

    Promoting local entrepreneurship in Bolivia

    Banco Fassil SA is a regulated microfinance institution (MFI) which offers loans, savings products and other financial services to micro entrepreneurs and small to ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • India SV Creditline Private Ltd

    Financial services for northern and central India

    SV Creditline Private Ltd (SVCL) is a registered microfinance institution (MFI) that has been active since 2009. The MFI operates in three states: Uttar Pradesh, ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • India Spandana Sphoorty Innovative Fin Ser Ltd

    Loans to low-income women in rural and urban areas of India

    Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd is an award-winning financial institution targeting low-income households and individuals across India. Spandana first partnered with ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • India SML, Share Microfin Ltd.

    Credit by and for women

    Highly successful microcredit company owned by 20,000 member women provides small agricultural and trade loans to members.

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri
  • El Salvador BANCOVI, Su Banco Cooperativo Visionario

    A cooperative committed to the community

    ACCOVI, Asociación Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Vicentina de RL, founded in the department of San Vicente, is the first cooperative authorized to ...

    Gehiago irakurri
    Gehiago irakurri